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Trump Did Not Describe Muslims In Mecca As Disturbing and Dangerous

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13th July 2021
Trump Did Not Describe Muslims In Mecca As Disturbing and Dangerous
The circulating images are altered (ABC).

The Claim

A video depicts Donald Trump saying: “Muslims gathering around the Kaaba, in this place, and in this way disturbs and frightens me, and this poses a danger to us."

Emerging story

Social media users recently circulated a video in Arabic voiceover showing former US President Donald Trump describing the gatherings of Muslims around the Kaaba as disturbing and dangerous. 

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Misbar’s Analysis

MENA: Misbar found that the claim is misleading. The image of the Great Mosque of Mecca was fabricated in the clip; the original shows the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

In the original 2017 video, Trump speaks to an ABC News reporter during an interview. He discusses the size of the crowd that was present in the vicinity of the Capitol building during his Presidential inauguration.

Trump criticized the media that described his inauguration ceremony as meager. This prompted him to show pictures of the large number of people who witnessed the moment he assumed the presidency.

Misbar previously verified another misleading claim about the same clip circulating on Facebook. The claim was that Trump said that he would ask his allies to impose high fees on Muslims entering the Kaaba.

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