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False: The US Court Ruled That KFC Is Unfit For Humans

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5th August 2021
False: The US Court Ruled That KFC Is Unfit For Humans
The court ruled in favor of KFC in 2018 (Getty).

The Claim

85% of KFC's ingredients are unsuitable for human consumption.

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Accounts and pages on social media alleged that KFC failed to prove that its food is fit for human consumption. Users claimed that the US court found that only 15% of KFC is chicken.

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Misbar’s Analysis

The relevant case relates to a dispute between the parent company and one of the owners of the brand over the possibility of promoting foods in its restaurants, given that the meat used is halal.

The case dates back to 2017, when Afzal Lokandola, owner of eight KFC-branded restaurants in the US city of Chicago, filed a lawsuit objecting to the company's policy of banning the brand owners from linking any religious claims to the food served by the restaurants they own.

The restaurants owned by Lokandola serve halal meat and prepare two separate items: 75% of the food options are halal, and 25% are not, and customers are notified of this before placing an order. 

The court ruled in 2018 in favor of KFC according to the contract concluded between the two parties. 

The memorandum issued by John Robert Blake, concludes that the plaintiff argues that truth cannot fall within the scope of promotion. 'Promotion' means drawing public interest in something, usually with the intent of selling it. 

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The circulating claim is false. 

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