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Unvaccinated Reporting Site Is A Satirical Stunt

Maxim Sorokopud Maxim Sorokopud
11th August 2021
Unvaccinated Reporting Site Is A Satirical Stunt
An anti-lockdown political candidate is behind the stunt (Getty Images).

The Claim

The Anonymous Unvaccinated Reporting System allows individuals to report the unvaccinated to local health authorities.

Emerging story

A number of social media users have been posting links, videos or screenshots of a website named AURS, an acronym of Anonymous Unvaccinated Reporting System. This website claims to allow users the chance to earn $2,500 for reporting unvaccinated family, friends or neighbors to its system, which then supposedly sends the information to local health agencies.

These social media posts have stated that AURS is disturbing and threatens to divide people. Posts have managed to gain dozens, and, at least in one instance, hundreds of interactions. 

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Misbar’s Analysis

The AURS website is a work of satire intended to promote a political candidate. At the very bottom of the about page is a disclaimer that explains that AURS is the work of David Alexander Bramante. Bramante is an anti-lockdown candidate for California Governor. The website is supposed to highlight how Bramante believes that the U.S. is close to genuinely implementing a website like AURS. 

Bramante’s campaign website further explains how and why Bramante created AURS as a work of satire. He launched it on August 2nd and stated that he believes that places such as Los Angeles and New York City are being overzealous with vaccine requirements. 

He also states that he believes coronavirus-related emergency orders and restrictions are unconstitutional and unAmerican. As the American Bar Association explains, the constitutionality of coronavirus restrictions is not clear-cut. Yet the association does explain that in the past, some disease-related laws have been upheld by the Supreme Court, such as a 1905 Supreme Court decision which stated that mandating the smallpox vaccination of adults under the penalty of fines and imprisonment was constitutional.

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