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Rand Paul Did Not Lose His Medical License

Yelena Dzhanova Yelena Dzhanova
21st August 2021
Rand Paul Did Not Lose His Medical License
The claim comes from a satirical website (Getty Images).

The Claim

Sen. Rand Paul of Texas got his medical license revoked.

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After YouTube announced Paul’s suspension for posting videos questioning whether masks worked, a satirical website posted the claim online on Aug. 10 that Paul had lost his medical license. A day later, social media users began to circulate the claim on Facebook and Instagram.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Paul is still a licensed ophthalmologist in his home state of Kentucky, according to records from the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. The records indicate Paul is an “active physician” working in private practice in the field of ophthalmology. 

The claims on social media say his license to practice ophthalmology was revoked by the American Medical Association, which is incorrect. The AMA does not license individual medical practitioners. Rather, the AMA says individuals who would like to acquire a medical license must be given one by the state in which they intend to practice. 

“Physicians are required to obtain an unrestricted medical license for every state in which they intend to offer clinical medical services,” says the AMA webpage for acquiring a medical license.

Paul has been able to practice ophthalmology in the state of Kentucky since 1993, the records show. 

Additionally, the writer behind Patheos, the website to which the claim was originally posted, describes the outlet as satirical that provides “laughs for people who are left of center.” The writer posted the claim in response to YouTube’s decision to suspend Paul from the platform because of his videos questioning medical guidance about mask-wearing.

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