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Satire: Picture Showing the Prices of Clothes Worn by a Taliban Fighter

Hind Khoudary Hind Khoudary
26th August 2021
Satire: Picture Showing the Prices of Clothes Worn by a Taliban Fighter
Steal His Look is a series of posts for costume ideas (Screenshot).

The Claim

A picture shows brands and the cost of clothes a Taliban fighter is wearing.

Emerging story

A picture of a Taliban fighter wearing clothes that approximately cost $7,000 is circulating online.

Misbar’s Analysis

MENA: The circulating photo is satire and follows the parody "Steal His Looks" series of posts, which combine portraits of famous or fictional characters with a list of high-end clothing and fashion accessories to create an online meme.

The meme is designed using images of fictional characters, celebrities, or politicians, in the form of a parody to format the guide used in fashion magazines to display the latest designs. 
Returning to the stores' websites of those products shown in the photo alongside the Taliban fighter, it was found that there is no “Supreme” Taliban flag headband, nor “Ray-Ban” sunglasses with black lenses and a golden frame. 

However, young Taliban fighters have been called out for their hypocrisy as they parade through the streets in sunglasses, trendy trainers and baseball caps while cracking down on western dress.

In recent days, photographs taken in Kabul show Taliban fighters wearing aviator sunglasses, baseball caps, and merchandise adorned with the Taliban flag. Some are even clean-shaven, abandoning the beard that is required under strict Islamic law.

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