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A Pregnant Palestinian Women Is Due To Give Birth in an Israeli Prison

Hind Khoudary Hind Khoudary
29th August 2021
A Pregnant Palestinian Women Is Due To Give Birth in an Israeli Prison
No evidence that Anhar committed a stabbing attempt (Twitter).

The Claim

Anhar El Deek, a Palestinian prisoner, will give birth in Israeli prisons because she attempted to stab an Israeli settler.

Emerging story

Social media users and websites are circulating news that Anhar al-Deek, a young Palestinian mother, will be giving birth to her second child this month inside a cell in an Israeli prison. The Israeli forces arrested Anhar al-Deek, alleging she attempted to stab an Israeli settler in Kafr Ni'ma in Ramallah.

Misbar’s Analysis

MENA: There has been no evidence that Anhar Al-Deek, a Palestinian political prisoner arrested on March 8, committed a stabbing attempt. In April, an Israeli military judge ordered her to remain in jail until the proceedings were against her. According to the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, Anhar's military trial has been postponed seven times. Anhar has been imprisoned for five months on charges of attempting to carry out a stabbing attack near an illegal settlement outpost. However, no verdict has yet been issued against her. Anhar's husband told Misbar that his wife did not commit any crime, and she has been in prison on baseless charges.

Anhar was pregnant at the time of her arrest as she has neared her due date in Israeli prison. Lately, #SaveAnhar has been widely trending in Arabic and Engish as users online are calling for her release.

Anhar is one of 11 Palestinian mothers imprisoned in Israeli jails out of 40 female prisoners. 
Misbar previously debunked baseless claims regarding stabbing attempt allegations made by the Israeli forces.  

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