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H3O2 Is Not the "Purest Water on Earth"

Adam Warner Adam Warner
14th September 2021
H3O2 Is Not the "Purest Water on Earth"
The claim is an "appalling scam" (Getty Images).

The Claim

H3O2 is a form of extremely pure water that’s found in fruits and vegetables and is healthier than regular H2O. 

Emerging story

The claim that H3O2 is a healthier or more hydrating form of water has existed for years. A number of alternative health specialists have spread the purported benefits of H3O2 and several products are available that can supposedly make it. 

A supporting image within the article body
A supporting image within the article body

Misbar’s Analysis

We found that the claims surrounding H3O2 are a well-known hoax that has been debunked a number of times. Also called hexagonal or structured water, alternative health websites and Facebook pages have pushed this supposed special form of water for years. However, no reputable source has ever been able to back any of their claims.

Chemically speaking, H3O2 would be a bihydroxide anion. The H3O2 bond only lasts for about 200 femtoseconds. It also has a different chemical formula than water (H2O) and therefore would be an entirely different compound.

Hexagonal water was listed as a scam in Waterwise’s 2017 book of drinking water scams. Wired also covered the expensive machines sold to convert regular H20 into structured water, calling it an “appalling scam.”

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