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The Taliban Did Not Execute This Man After His Prayer

Dina Faisal Dina Faisal
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21st September 2021
The Taliban Did Not Execute This Man After His Prayer
Video circulating was uploaded two years ago (Screenshot).

The Claim

A video depicts a man executed by the Taliban just after completing his prayers.

Emerging story

A graphic video that depicts a seemingly Afghan Muslim man praying in the desert before being executed is circulating online. The accompanying claim is that the shackled man is allowed to perform his last prayer by the Taliban before being executed for unknown crimes. The claim is circulating in both English and Pashto.

Misbar’s Analysis

Upon examining the video, a Facebook username was seen typed out in Pashto, similar to Arabic. Mohammad Anwar Rasoli uploaded the video two years ago. The video was uploaded on 15 September 2019, as seen below. 

A supporting image within the article body

The caption translated from Pashto read, “What crime? Can you prove that the perpetrator was convicted of murder? How much truth, justice, and divine right have been observed.”

Although the video's backstory could not be verified, the findings reveal that the video is outdated and shared as current events. Furthermore, no credible news sources have reported on this incident since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Based on the findings, the Misbar team concludes that the video is misleading and outdated.

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