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Walt Disney's Corpse Was Not Frozen

Rebecca Bowen Rebecca Bowen
27th September 2021
Walt Disney's Corpse Was Not Frozen
Disney was cremated (Getty Images).

The Claim

Walt Disney’s frozen body will be thawed and reanimated in December.

Emerging story

Late September finds a rumor about Walt Disney spreading through social media posts. Users have been sharing an image with a claim that Disney’s cryogenically frozen body will be unfrozen this December. They go on to state that attempts will be made to reanimate the body as well, and intentions are to bring Disney back to life.

A supporting image within the article body
A supporting image within the article body

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar’s analysis shows that Disney’s corpse will not be unfrozen in December. The article that users are linking and sharing is from a website called Daily News Reported. The tagline for the site is “Not Quite Daily. Not Quite News,” and they specialize in satirical writing. Some of the other stories offered on their main page are, “California Plans To Stop Recognizing Christmas As A Holiday,” and “A Time Travel Event Has Been Confirmed by CERN,” — both of which are also satirical articles. The Disney article goes on to talk about how Disney hoped for a cure for his illness, and will face adversity after being brought back to life.

We currently lack the technology to carry out cryogenics. Also, reports of Disney’s body being frozen rather than cremated are false. As Disney was cremated, and his daughter stated that he had probably never even heard of cryogenics at the time of his death, we can comfortably state that there is no frozen Walt Disney to bring back to life

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