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Sudan’s Hamdouk Did Not Agree to Return as PM for the Newly Formed Government

Mustafa Afandy Mustafa Afandy
15th November 2021
Sudan’s Hamdouk Did Not Agree to Return as PM for the Newly Formed Government
There is no evidence to back up the claim (Getty).

The Claim

Sudan's PM, Abdullah Hamdouk, and General Al-Burhan reached an agreement.

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According to news reports, a preliminary agreement was reached between ousted Prime Minister Hamdouk and coup leader General Al Burhan. The claim was attributed to UN Special Envoy for Sudan Volker Perthes, who allegedly stated that Hamdouk and Al Burhan had agreed on a preliminary agreement outline.

Misbar’s Analysis

The Misbar team investigated the claim and found it misleading. Perthes did not say whether or not a deal had been reached between Burhan and Hamdouk. Instead, he commented on the prospects of a potential agreement. On Twitter, Perthes expressed "hope that an agreement on key issues" and called for the release of the detainees, including Hamdouk.

The outlines of a potential agreement included Hamdouk's return to the office, the release of detainees, the lifting of the state of emergency, changes to some transitional institutions, and the formation of a new technocratic cabinet.

However, there is no evidence that Hamdouk agreed to these outlines. The Office of Prime Minister, Hamdouk, stated on Facebook on the same day the claim began to circulate that the only platform representing Hamdouk's positions is his office's official page on Facebook and Twitter. The statement also denied responsibility for any statements or information provided through other platforms. Sky News Arabia, a source close to Hamdouk, stated that the military is still negotiating with him and denied reports that an agreement had been reached.

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Photo Description: The photo shows a screenshot of a statement published on the PM Office Facebook page.

The fact that Hamdouk is still in detention supports the claim that he did not accept the agreement. In addition to Burhan's determination to complete the formation of the government's institutional bodies on his own. Burhan appointed a new governing sovereign council, led by himself, last week. Members of the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), Hamdouk's partner in the government's dissolution, were barred from joining the newly formed council.

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