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Qatar Did Not Grant License to Sell Alcohol in Petrol Stations

Mustafa Afandy Mustafa Afandy
28th December 2021
Qatar Did Not Grant License to Sell Alcohol in Petrol Stations
WOQOD denied false claims on social media (DOHANEWS).

The Claim

The state-owned petrol company (Woqod) has been granted a license to sell alcohol at its gas stations.

Emerging story

On December 26, news began circulating that Qatar's sole fuel retailer had granted a license to sell liquor at its petrol stations in preparation for the 2022 World Cup.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) debunked rumors that it had granted licenses to sell alcohol at its gas stations in an explanation posted on Facebook and Twitter. Woqod emphasized that such rumors are unfounded and completely false. Several local and international news outlets, including The Peninsula, Al-Raya, and Al-Sharq, republished the clarification.

It is worth noting that as the countdown to Qatar's hosting of the FIFA 2022 World Cup began, concerns about alcohol use in the Muslim Arab country began to surface. In response to the question, will alcohol be available in Qatar in 2022? "Alcohol is not part of our culture, but hospitality is, and thus alcohol is currently available," said Hassan Al-Thawadi, secretary general of Qatar's supreme committee for delivery and legacy. "We have been exploring various opportunities and models where Alcohol will be available in certain designated areas but not freely available in public," Al-Thawadi added. 
In fact, alcohol is only sold in hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Qatar. Those who want to buy it will only be able to do so in tourist areas that are licensed to sell it.

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