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2018 Video Shared as Recent Protests in Iran

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17th May 2022
2018 Video Shared as Recent Protests in Iran
The video dates back to 2018 (Facebook).

The Claim

The clip depicts the most recent protests in Iran against the spike in prices.

Emerging story

Social media users and pages across the MENA region have circulated a clip of a crowded street claiming it depicts the most recent Iranian protests. 

Other users have mentioned that the video was filmed in Fars province and depicted protesters calling for the overthrow of the Iranian regime because of the rise in prices and corruption.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar has investigated the claim and found it to be misleading.

The clip is old. It was uploaded to Iran International TV’s Twitter account in August 2018 as a protest in the Iranian city of Shiraz.

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2018 Iranian Crisis 

In August 2018, Iranian cities witnessed demonstrations against price spike, inflation, and the Iranian currency’s collapse. According to reports, “the rial has plummeted to a record low amid growing economic and political uncertainty, causing a rush to the banks as Iranians desperately try to acquire U.S. dollars with exchanges forced to shut their doors to prevent long and chaotic lines.”

“The U.S. administration issued a statement, it supported the demonstrations in Iran, and the right of the Iranian people to decide the course of their country,” a report by France 24 mentioned.

Food Price Hikes in Iran

The claim began to circulate after many demonstrations sparked in at least six Iranian provinces due to the decision of the Iranian government to raise the price of some food commodities after President Ebrahim Raisi announced measures to overcome the country's economic crisis.
News outlets have reported that Iranian security forces confronted the protesters with gunfire and tear gas and arrested several demonstrators. Other reports have confirmed that one person was reported dead during the protests.

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Translated by Khadija Boufous

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