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Germany Did Not Announce the Closure of Its Land and Sea Ports for Five Months

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
25th May 2022
Germany Did Not Announce the Closure of Its Land and Sea Ports for Five Months
The claim has been circulating since December 2021 (Facebook).

The Claim

Germany has officially announced the closure of airports, as well as land and seaports, for five months, preventing arrivals and passengers from entering and exiting the country.

Emerging story

Social media users across the MENA region have been circulating news that Germany has officially announced that all airports and land and seaports will be closed for five months. According to the claim, the country immediately prohibited the entry and exit of arrivals and passengers.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating claim and discovered it to be false, as there are no credible German media reports on the country's airports, land, and seaports being closed for five months. It has not been published by any German official source, nor has it appeared on government, airline, or navigation websites.

Old Claim

Misbar's investigation revealed that the claim was first made public on Facebook in December 2021, but that no credible evidence had been provided to back it up until then. As shown in the screenshot below.

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Normal Air Traffic In Germany

Furthermore, Misbar discovered no announcements or information on flight cancellation or postponement due to a decision to close the airports by reviewing the official page of Berlin Brandenburg Airport, for example. The latest statement from the airport, dated May 20, 2022, is about the German meteorological service's warning of severe thunderstorms that could pass over Berlin and Brandenburg, as seen below on their official Facebook page.

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The claim comes amid increased concern about the spread of monkeypox around the world, particularly in European countries. The Misbar team, on the other hand, confirms that the claim is false and that Germany has not closed any entry points.

Translated by Dina Faisal

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