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Egypt’s Agricultural Imports Were Not Halted by Europe or the US

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
7th June 2022
Egypt’s Agricultural Imports Were Not Halted by Europe or the US
The photo was taken in Yemen in 2019 (Facebook).

The Claim

A photo from Egypt shows how crops are irrigated with sewage water, urging the U.S. and Europe to suspend agricultural crop imports.

Emerging story

Social media users across the MENA region are sharing an image that they claim shows agricultural crops in Egypt being irrigated with sewage water. Users added that this prompted the United States and some European countries to stop importing agricultural products from Egypt.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating claim and found that it was misleading. The photo has been circulating on Yemeni websites since August 2019, in reports on irrigation with sewage water in Rahba, north of Sana'a.

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Photo Description: The image is from 2019.

Egypt's Agricultural Exports

According to the Agricultural Crops Export Council's monthly report, Arab countries accounted for 38% of Egypt's agricultural crop exports during the first eight months of the 2021-2022 season, totaling $722.89 million, and 43 % volume of exports, totaling 1.336 million tons. On the other hand, Egyptian agricultural crops exported to European countries outside the European Union, including the United Kingdom, totaled 733.530 thousand tons, valued at $439.3 million, accounting for 23% of the total export value and 24% of the total quantity. According to the report, export quantities fell slightly by 4% during the first eight months of the current export season 2021-2022, to 3.112 million tons, compared to 3.247 million tons during the same period the previous season.

U.S Imports of Egyptian Crops 2019

According to the US Department of Commerce, total agricultural imports from Egypt totaled $138 million in 2019. Processed fruits and vegetables ($60 million), spices ($27 million), essential oils ($14 million), fruit and vegetable juices ($8 million), and herbal tea ($6 million) are the top five categories. As shown in the image below.

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Photo Description: U.S Department of Commerce reporting on trade with Egypt.

Based on the findings, the Misbar team confirms that the photo is from Yemen in 2019, not Egypt. Furthermore, neither the U.S. nor Europe have stopped purchasing Egyptian agricultural products.

Translated by Dina Faisal

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