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Claims of Biden Calling Obama To Wish Him a Speedy Recovery Are Satirical

Khadija Boufous Khadija Boufous
24th July 2022
Claims of Biden Calling Obama To Wish Him a Speedy Recovery Are Satirical
A satirical website published the claim (Getty).

The Claim

Joe Biden called Barack Obama to wish him a speedy recovery from COVID-19.

Emerging story

Social media users have shared posts claiming Joe Biden called Barack Obama to wish him a speedy recovery after learning that "the US President had contracted the Coronavirus."

“Joe Biden Calls Obama To Wish Him A Speedy Recovery After Hearing The President Has COVID,” a Twitter user wrote.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar has investigated the claim and found it to be satirical. The claim comes from a satirical website. Also, the story has not been covered by any reliable news sources.

A Satirical Claim

Our investigation revealed that the claim was made by The Babylon Bee, a satirical website. The Babylone Bee publishes satirical articles about religion, politics, and public figures.

A supporting image within the article body
A supporting image within the article body

The Babylon Bee article reads: “After learning that the president had contracted the Coronavirus, Joe Biden quickly called up Barack Obama to wish him a speedy recovery. ‘Hey, man, this is Pedo Peter. How you holdin' up? I heard on the news you got COVID-19. Come on, man, you should've called me!’ Biden reportedly told Obama's personal assistant.”

“Biden continued speaking while waiting to be transferred to Obama. ‘I just want you to know that you're my rock. I love you, man. Sending thoughts and pringles your way. Libbenshneblet. End of note.’”

“Sources familiar with the matter claim that by the time Obama picked up the phone, Biden had gotten most of his inappropriate racist comments out of the way. The pair had a friendly conversation in which Biden wished his friend good health and asked how the trip to Saudi Arabia went,” The Babylon Bee added.

A supporting image within the article body

Biden Tested Positive for COVID-19

According to news outlets, President Joe Biden confirmed Thursday, July 21, that he tested positive for COVID-19 but will continue to work in isolation at the White House despite his mild symptoms.

صورة متعلقة توضيحية

“I guess you heard, this morning I tested positive for Covid. But I've been double vaccinated, double boosted. Symptoms are mild and I really appreciate your inquiries and concerns. But I'm doing well, getting a lot of work done. Going to continue to get it done and in the meantime, thanks for your concern, and keep the faith. It's gonna be OK,” President Joe Biden said in a 21-minute video posted to his official Twitter account @POTUS.

Joe Biden is expected to work on the phone and via videoconference for the next few days, according to White House chief of staff Ron Klain.

Joe Biden’s Visit to the Middle East

According to the US Institute of Peace, President Biden visited Israel and Saudi Arabia last week to discuss oil production, 5G and 6G telecommunications, and Riyadh opening airspace to Israeli flights. Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the president reaffirmed Washington's support for a two-state solution and for advancing toward a reality in which Israelis and Palestinians can enjoy "equal measures of security, freedom, and prosperity."

Misleading and false stories about Biden's trip to the Middle East have been debunked by the Misbar team. Among them is a satirical altered photo of Biden holding a jerry can while in Saudi Arabia. Another photo has been altered to show Biden kneeling for Mohammed bin Salman.


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