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A Digitally Altered Video Shows Biden Falling Down the Plane's Stairs in Israel

Miray Aljarrah Miray Aljarrah
27th July 2022
A Digitally Altered Video Shows Biden Falling Down the Plane's Stairs in Israel
The video is fabricated (Twitter).

The Claim

A video shows Joe Biden falling down the plane stairs during his trip to Israel.

Emerging story

A video purportedly from Fox News has been making the rounds on social media of U.S. President Joe Biden tripping over the stairs of a plane during his visit to Israel.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar has investigated that claim and found it satire. The circulating clip has been digitally altered and shared online with different claims since 2021.

Real Videos of Biden's Fall

Two videos of Joe Biden falling off have been documented and published by news outlets. The first video, which was recorded on March 19, 2021, shows Biden tripping twice as he climbed the stairs of Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews.

The second video shows Biden falling off his bicycle near his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on June 18, 2020.

The video that has been making the rounds could not be located after a search of Fox News' archive, official website, and verified social media accounts.

Detecting Digitally Altered Videos 

Artificial intelligence has made it difficult for viewers to distinguish between real and fake videos. The video of Biden falling down received a lot of sarcastic, doubtful comments despite the fact that the person who altered it added the Fox News logo. 

Deepfakes have the potential to deceive people into believing they have been videotaped doing something they have not. The technology is based on a neural network called an auto-encoder, which uses machine learning to train the software on how to replace one image with another.

Biden's Middle East Trip 2022

The President's Middle East trip began on July 13 with a visit to Israel, followed by a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the occupied West Bank. The trip ended in Saudi Arabia, which hosted the GCC+3 summit of Arab leaders.

The Misbar team has debunked several false stories about Biden's trip to the Middle East.

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