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Viral TikTok Videos of Putin and Biden Are Satire

Wesam Abo Marq Wesam Abo Marq
9th August 2022
Viral TikTok Videos of Putin and Biden Are Satire
The videos have been edited with artificial intelligence (TikTok).

The Claim

Videos show Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President Joe Biden performing magic tricks, dancing, and mocking each other.

Emerging story

A series of videos posted by a TikTok user known as @simpleputin have gone viral.
The first video shows Vladimir Putin drawing a line next to Joe Biden, who is sleeping on the floor.

The second video shows Vladimir Putin performing a money magic trick on Joe Biden.

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The third video shows Putin and Biden dancing together.

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In the fourth video, Vladimir Putin is seen waiting for Joe Biden to come over and shake his hand.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating videos and found them to be satirical. 

The TikTok user called @simpleputin is well known on the platform for sharing satirical videos of Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden using the deepfake technique.

The creator also wrote on his website’s bio that he is making “videos about what our president [Vladimir Putin] could do in his spare time. Our channel was created for entertainment purposes only! In no way do we want to offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. All roles are performed by actors.”

The TikTok user also uploaded a video in which he shows the actor who plays the Russian President in the viral videos.

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What Are Deepfakes And How Are They Created?

The term "deepfake" is derived from the underlying technology "deep learning," which is a type of artificial intelligence. Deep learning algorithms are used to swap faces in videos and digital content to create fake media that appears realistic. When presented with massive amounts of data, these algorithms train themselves to solve problems.

Deepfakes are created by programs that learn a person's speech patterns, facial expressions, and behavior by compiling a library of existing images, videos, and audio samples.

Deepfake creates extremely realistic content, making it difficult to detect as the technology advances.

Fake Videos Target Putin

President Putin has been a major focus of visual misinformation ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

Misbar has previously debunked numerous videos, photos, and statements attributed to President Putin.


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