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The World Cup’s 974 Stadium Deconstruction Is Not Featured in These Two Photos

Wesam Abo Marq Wesam Abo Marq
11th December 2022
The World Cup’s 974 Stadium Deconstruction Is Not Featured in These Two Photos
Photos taken from a 2021 article (Twitter)

The Claim

Two photos show the dismantling of World Cup stadium 974 following the match between Brazil and South Korea.

Emerging story

Following Brazil's World Cup match against South Korea on December 5, social media users circulated two photos purporting to show stadium 974's dismantlement.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating photos and found the claim to be misleading.

After conducting a reverse image search, Misbar found the viral photos to be outdated. 

The photos were published during the stadium’s construction, not its dismantlement.

World Cup’s Stadium 974 Old Photos

The first circulating photo of 974 Stadium’s dismantlement is old.

It was published in a 2021 article about the stadium.

The photo’s caption reads, "Construction site for stadium 974."

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The second viral photo is also outdated and shows the stadium’s construction operation.

Kooora 365, an Arabic sports website, published the image in a 2021 article about the stadium.

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Stadium 974: The Temporary World Cup Stadium

The stadium, originally known as Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, has a 44,089-seat capacity.

The stadium was named because it was constructed from 974 shipping containers, and it is also the country's international dial code.

According to a source, the containers and superstructure would be reused again after the competition.

"A waterfront development boasting fabulous facilities for the local community will spring to life, as well as a dynamic hub for business. This new concept in venue development ensures that while Stadium 974’s physical presence may be temporary, its legacy will be everlasting."

According to FIFA, seven out of the eight stadiums for Qatar's World Cup have cooling systems built.

Stadium 974 is completely demountable and offers natural ventilation.

In order to accommodate the media and fans, the stadium contains the newest technologies as well as fixed platforms for broadcast and photo cameras.

What Will Happen to the 974 Stadium?

The first temporary stadium for the World Cup hosted only seven World Cup matches, culminating in Brazil's last-16 victory over South Korea on December 5.

The World Cup’s stadium 974 will shortly be dismantled.

According to CNN, the representative for the Qatar 2022 organizing committee said Stadium 974 will be utilized for a fashion show and concerts in the near future, and the "precise timeline for the full dismantling and repurposing" has not yet been decided.

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In an effort to make them more durable and prevent future underused, organizers have also stated that they will donate 170,000 seats from other stadiums to developing nations. 

Post Malone Live Concert in Stadium 974 

Post Malone has been confirmed as the much anticipated headlining act of the prestigious Qatar Fashion United by CR Runway event on December 16 at 974 Stadium.

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The world-famous singer caps off a gigantic festival of fashion, culture, and music with his first-ever concert in Qatar, which will feature more than 150 designers and brands on the biggest catwalk in the world.

"Bringing Post Malone to Qatar for the first time is an exciting moment for Qatar Creates and a crucial part of our FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 journey," said Saad Saleh Al Hudaifi, Head of Qatar Creates.

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