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This Is Not a Photo of an Underwater Stadium in Dubai

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
9th May 2023
This Is Not a Photo of an Underwater Stadium in Dubai
A photo shows a 2015 project design (Facebook)

The Claim

A photo shows an underwater tennis stadium in Dubai.

Emerging story

Social media users recently shared a photo that allegedly shows an underwater tennis stadium in Dubai.

A supporting image within the article body
A supporting image within the article body

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating claim and found it to be misleading. The image shows a design template. 

صورة متعلقة توضيحية

Dubai’s Underwater Stadium

Misbar’s team found that the Polish architect Christophe Kotala, founder of 8 + 8 Concept Studio, has proposed building an underwater complex between Burj Al Arab and Dubai's Palm Jumeirah islands.

صورة متعلقة توضيحية

Kotala's design proposal includes seven arenas with a carbon fiber glass dome over the stadium, located on the sea floor within a coral reef off the coast of Dubai, near the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel. The idea behind the proposal is to combine the best of technology, ecology, and sport.

Under Water Tennis Stadium Project Development Concerns

Although the idea of an underwater tennis court has attracted interest, it has also raised many technical concerns for engineers and developers. One of the main concerns is the transparent roof that would require a continuous pane of glass at least 108 feet wide and weigh "perhaps a hundred tons" to accommodate the stadium and spectators. The structure would need to be able to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis, and an effective connection to the roof as an emergency exit would need to be in place.

صورة متعلقة توضيحية

Additionally, structure specialists have raised concerns about the ability of tennis players to play in such a structure where it would be difficult to control the refraction of light. Development of the underwater tennis court is also very expensive, and it has not made progress in attracting investors or obtaining official approvals from the Dubai authorities.

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