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AI-Generated Workout Video Miscaptioned

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
6th June 2023
AI-Generated Workout Video Miscaptioned
The video is AI-generated (Twitter)

The Claim

A video shows a man working out with abs in his back.

Emerging story

Social media users recently widely shared a video that allegedly shows a man working out with abs in his back.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating video and found it to be fake. The video is AI-generated. 

The circulating video had a lot of signs suggesting that it is not genuine. For example, the back muscles feature a very noticeable belly button, as can be seen below.

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Photo Description: Screenshot from the video. 

The face also looked more like an animation than a genuine person.

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Photo Description: Screenshot from the video. 

Misbar’s team noticed that the video had the TikTok username “@stipke.” After checking the user’s TikTok account, our team found that he is an AI content creator. The video in question was also shared under the hashtag “#AI.”

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Photo Description: Screenshot from TikTok. 

Detecting AI-Generated Visual Content

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, revolutionizing various fields and domains. One such area is visual content generation, where modern machine learning algorithms have reached astounding levels of quality. As a result, identifying AI-generated visual content can be a challenging task for even the most discerning eye. Nevertheless, there are certain subtle indicators that can serve as clues, enabling us to detect the artificial nature of a photo or video.

1. Lack of Detail in High-Complexity Areas

AI-generated images often struggle when it comes to replicating intricate details; an infamous example being hands. Elements like hair, intricate textures, and complex patterns pose a significant challenge for these algorithms. Upon closer inspection, you may notice tell-tale signs such as unnaturally straight or matted hair, over-smoothed or repetitive textures, and inaccuracies within intricate patterns.

2. Discrepancies in Lighting and Shadows 

Inconsistencies in lighting and shadows can be an apparent giveaway of AI-generated visual content. Watch out for peculiar light sources, unusual shadows, or inconsistencies between the shadows and the corresponding light sources. These anomalies can be indicative of AI algorithms grappling with the nuances of light and shadow interplay.

Reflections also pose a significant challenge for AI algorithms, often resulting in visual discrepancies. When examining images featuring reflective surfaces like glasses or mirrors, pay attention to whether the reflected images or lights align seamlessly with the scene. Misalignments in reflections can hint at the artificial origins of the visual content.

3. Disproportionate or Warped Features

AI-generated depictions of humans or animals may exhibit disproportionate or warped features. An arm that appears excessively elongated or a head that seems unusually small are indications of the algorithm's limitations. These visual anomalies can expose the artificial nature of the content.

4. Contextual Anomalies

AI algorithms may lack a deep understanding of context or logical structure, leading to incongruities within the generated images. Keep an eye out for objects that seem out of place or inconsistencies between different parts of the image. These contextual anomalies can help expose the artificial nature of the visual content.

5. Inconsistent Image Quality

AI-generated images often exhibit inconsistencies in image quality across different regions. While certain areas may boast sharp and detailed rendering, others might appear blurry or smudged. These variations in resolution or image quality within a single image are indicative of AI involvement.

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