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Video of a Bird Suspended in the Air Is Old and Unrelated to Aliens

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25th June 2023
Video of a Bird Suspended in the Air Is Old and Unrelated to Aliens
The motionless bird was probably dead (Twitter)

The Claim

An eerie video captures a bird suspended in the air, completely motionless.

Emerging story

Following the incidents of the UFO spotted in the U.S, a video purportedly showing a bird floating mid-air and motionless has gone viral.

Within a single day, the video amassed over 34 million views.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the viral video and found the claim to be misleading.

After conducting a reverse image search, Misbar’s team found that the video is not recent.

Video of the Suspended Bird Was Shot in February 2023

The video started circulating in February 2023, showing a motionless bird floating in the air.

The incident report video was published on YouTube on February 23, 2023.

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Photo Description: A screenshot of the original video from YouTube.

Another video shot from a different angle documented the incident and was also published by the same YouTube channel.

Moreover, Alanna Kelly, a B.C.-wide Journalist, published the video on Twitter on February 22, 2023. 

Expert Analyzes Viral Motionless Bird Incident

According to reports, on February 18, between 1 and 4 p.m., a bird was captured on camera near L.A. Matheson Secondary School in Surrey, suspended above power lines.

After analyzing the viral videos, Swift, an avian ecologist at the University of Washington, concludes that the bird was not a fake or a prank, but rather deceased.

Describing it as an unusual optical illusion, Swift expresses sympathy for the bird, speculating that it may have become entangled in a way that led to its demise. She notes that the bird shows no signs of movement, flinching, or struggle, with its limp feet hanging down.

Paul Kingsbury, a geography professor at Simon Fraser University known for studying paranormal phenomena, suggests a different explanation. His hypothesis is that the bird may have been suspended by a string, possibly as part of a prank.

Alien Creature allegedly Spotted in Las Vegas

The video resurfaced following claims alleging that alien creatures were spotted in Las Vegas recently.

Las Vegas authorities have installed surveillance cameras in the backyard of a family's residence, following their claim of an alien crash last month.

After reporting an alleged alien crash in their backyard, a Las Vegas family contacted the police. Family members described encountering an "eight-foot person" with "big eyes" that appeared to be non-human.

Footage captured by police body cameras also revealed an object descending from the sky.

Sources familiar with the investigation indicate that law enforcement is taking the incident seriously and has deployed the cameras as a precautionary measure in case of any future landings.

Misbar’s team was able to debunk a viral fake video that was alleged to show an alien creature in Las Vegas.

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