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Olga Skabeyeva Did not Admit 284,000 Losses on The Russian Side

Eman Hillis Eman Hillis
10th August 2023
Olga Skabeyeva Did not Admit 284,000 Losses on The Russian Side
Olga was referring to the losses on the Ukrainian side (Twitter)

The Claim

Olga Skabeyeva, the Russian TV presenter, admits the losses on the Russian side to have reached 284,000.

Emerging story

A video is being widely shared by social media users claiming that Olga Skabeyeva, the Russian TV presenter, admitted that the Russian army lost 284,000 soldiers in the Ukrainian-Russian war.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the widely circulated video and found it to be misleading.

A thorough reverse image reveals that the video is taken out of context and cut from a 2-hour episode of a Russian program called “60 Minut" that was aired on August 3.

Skabeyva Referred to The Losses on The Ukrainian Side

After observing the original episode, Misbar’s team found that Olga was referring to the losses on the Ukrainian side, not the Russian, as it appears around the minute 1:24:00.

The guest was saying that Ukraine wants to train pilots for F-16 jet planes, referring to Zelneskey's decision on the day before that some of the Ukrainian pilots will receive F-16 jet training.

Olga interfered by stating they have counted the obituaries written by Ukrainian to the deaths of soldiers from their relatives and family members and found them to be 284,000. “Who will ride these F-16s if the dead soldiers' number has reached 284 thousand?” shocked, she wondered.

Who is Olga Skabeyeva, The Iron Doll of Putin?

Olga Skabeyeva is one of the most influential TV presenters in Russia who is known for her criticism of the Russian Opposition. Experts call her a “monster” and “the iron doll of Putin” due to her wild and fervent comments that shape the way the Russian audiences view the war.

Along with her husband, Yevgeny Popov, Olga hosts a social and political show, “60 Minut,” on the Russia-1 channel, which is one of Kremlin-controlled channels. This show is known for providing compelling narratives where Russia always has the upper hand while Ukraine is the loser in all cases. 

Why Does Ukraine Want to Hold The F-16 Training?

Comparing the Ukrainian planes with the Russian planes, the Ukrainians would normally lose due to the differences in designs and defence systems. According to a spokesman for Ukraine’s air force command, “A Russian jet can see 2-3 times further with its radar than our fighter. Our fighter is simply blind. It cannot see.”

F-16s could help Ukrainians and give them air superiority. The F-16s that Ukraine will receive from America are highly maneuverable and can fly twice the speed of sound. They could also help in warding off Russian planes.

Nevertheless, Experts do not believe that the F-16 fighters could play any significant role on the Ukrainian side, but they could deepen Ukraine’s relationship with the U.S and western countries.

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