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This Video Features an Infant Buried in India, Not in Morocco During the Earthquake

Wesam Abo Marq Wesam Abo Marq
11th September 2023
This Video Features an Infant Buried in India, Not in Morocco During the Earthquake
The video shows a new-born who was buried alive in India (Twitter)

The Claim

A video shows the rescure of a baby that was buried during the Morocco earthquake.

Emerging story

Following the recent earthquake in Morocco, social media users shared a video claiming to show the rescue of a newborn baby from the rubble.

An X user published the video along with the caption, “Here, a new born baby is dug out of the debris after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake devastates Morocco. Pray for this child.”

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the video and found the claim to be misleading.

Clearly, the language spoken in the video by those present at the scene of the incident is Hindi, not Arabic. Also, a thorough reverse image search revealed the video making the rounds to be unrelated to Morocco’s earthquake.

The Video Shows a Baby Buried Alive in India, Not Morocco

Contrary to the claim, the video shows a new-born who was discovered buried alive in India and subsequently rescued in Pulandar village within Kanpur Dehat district on Friday night. 

A photojournalist also shared a video of the rescue operation on September 9, 2023, that closely parallels the widely circulated footage. The video's translated caption reads, “Uttar Pradesh - In Purandar village of Kanpur Dehat, a newborn baby was buried alive in a field and ran away. When people heard the crying voice of the innocent child, they dug a pit and took him out from the field.”

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A screenshot of a video showing the rescue operation (X)

Local residents were responsible for saving the baby, who has since been admitted to the hospital and is in stable condition. An ongoing investigation is underway, and it is unrelated to any natural disaster occurring in Morocco.

The Kanpur Dehat Police have also released a video showing their officers carrying the infant, confirming that the baby is in good health.

Furthermore, the police have shared another video featuring an officer providing detailed information about the rescue operation involving the infant.

An Infant Buried Alive in India

According to a report from The Times of India, a newborn baby boy who had been buried and miraculously survived was rescued by a farming couple in Pulandar village, Kanpur Dehat district, late on Friday night. Rajesh and Neelam, a married couple, were alerted by the baby's loud cries. They followed the sound and eventually discovered the baby's hand protruding from the ground. Without hesitation, they dug him out and found that he was still alive. 

They immediately called for an ambulance and rushed the crying infant to a nearby hospital for a thorough examination. Due to being buried underground, the baby was experiencing difficulty breathing, so doctors are closely monitoring his condition at the hospital. Upon receiving this information, the police arrived at the scene and started looking for the baby's parents.

Morocco’s Recent Earthquake

Rescue teams in Morocco are in a race against time to locate survivors in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake that struck on Friday. The official death toll currently stands at 2,497 people, with an additional 2,476 individuals reported as injured. 

The most severe devastation has occurred in remote mountainous regions, which pose significant challenges for access. Residents have reported extensive damage to entire villages, and rescue teams are struggling to extract bodies from the rubble.

In Marrakech, the nearest major city, many residents have opted to sleep outdoors, fearing the safety of their homes. The earthquake has also caused damage to historical sites in this popular tourist destination.

In response to the disaster, Morocco's King Mohammed VI has declared a period of three days of mourning and has instructed mosques across the nation to conduct funeral prayers on Sunday as a mark of respect for the victims.

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