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The FBI Did Not Raid Halas Hall Leading to Alan Williams' Resignation

Eman Hillis Eman Hillis
26th September 2023
The FBI Did Not Raid Halas Hall Leading to Alan Williams' Resignation
Bearss Halas was not raided by the FBI (X)

The Claim

The FBI raided Halas Hall.

Emerging story

In light of Alan Williams' resignation as defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears, social media users shared rumors alleging that the FBI raided Alan’s home as well as Halas Hal, the team’s official headquarters,due to some serious allegations against Alan. They also claimed that Alan resigned because of the FBI’s raid.

An X account, named MLFootball, posted: “The sting found some extremely sensitive 'content', and Williams will most likely never coach again for Chicago or any #NFL team, "for the rest of his life," a source familiar with the situation says.”

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the widely circulated claim and found it to be fake. Bears’ Halas was not raided by the FBI and Williams’ resignation has nothing to do with these claims.

Bears’ Halas Was Not Raided By The FBI

Following the rumors, Josh Schrock, a spokesman for the Bears refuted the claims about the FBI raid on Halas Hall, clarifying that “the police have not been at Halas Hall in connection with Williams.”

Furthermore, Irika Sargent, from CBS 2, asked Williams’ attorney, Andrew M. Stroth, whether there had been contact between Williams and law enforcement.

"The rumors are completely untrue,” Stroth said. He added: "There has been zero contact with law enforcement. There was unequivocally not a raid on Halas Hall that was reported. There are no criminal accusations, or claims, or activity."

Alan Williams Did Not Resign Because Of The FBI Raid

Contrary to the claim, Alan Williams is not resigning because of the alleged FBI raid, but because of his health. Courtney Cronin, the ESPN host, spoke to Andrew M. Stroth, a Chicago-based sports attorney who is working with Williams. Stroth confirmed that Williams’ resignation was because of health challenges. He also confirmed that the circulated rumors were false.

“Coach Williams has some health challenges and some family issues he’s dealing with and he thought it was the right time to take a step back and deal with those issues. He has tremendous respect for the Bears organization and he just thought it was the time to handle this health issue and his personal matters,” Stroth clarified.

Moreover, Williams clarified in a statement that he is stepping back to take care of his health and his family. He is also planning to come back and coach again, as he clarified in his resignation letter.

However, according to Adam Schefter, Williams’ resignation was not just because of health challenges, but also because of inappropriate behavior. “I’m told it was not criminal activity, but it was inappropriate, and the Bears’ HR department was involved in the decision for Alan Williams to step aside,” Schefter said. Nonetheless, the Bears and Williams’ attorneys denied any criminal investigation related to Williams’ resignation.

Who Is Alan Williams

Alan Williams is a coach in the National Football League and a former defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears since 2022. During the time he was the coordinator, the Bears compiled a 3-17-0 record.

In 2022, Williams was hired by Matt Eberflus, the head coach of the Bears, as the team’s defensive coordinator, after he was with Williams with the Indianapolis Colts before that.

It is worth noting that before Williams announced his resignation, Eberflus said that the Bears could get by without a defensive coordinator and it is not a problem for it because of the experienced staff. "I think with the experience that we have on defense, I don't think that's an issue," Eberflus said.

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