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This Video Does Not Feature Pro-Palestine Bahraini Protesters Firing the Israeli Embassy

Wesam Abo Marq Wesam Abo Marq
21st October 2023
This Video Does Not Feature Pro-Palestine Bahraini Protesters Firing the Israeli Embassy
The video has nothing to do with the current war on Gaza (X)

The Claim

A video shows Pro-Palestine Bahraini Protesters firing the Israeli embassy.

Emerging story

Amid the continuous Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, social media users widely circulated a video clip purporting to show Bahraini youth attacking the Israeli embassy in Manama and setting it on fire in protest of the killing of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the viral footage and found the claim to be misleading.

After conducting a thorough reverse image search, Misbar found the video making the rounds to be outdated and unrelated to the Israeli assault on Gaza.

Old Video of an Assault on Bahraini Police Station

Contrary to the circulating claim, the video shows protesters attacking a police station on Sitra Island, south of the Bahraini capital, Manama, in December 2012. 

A YouTube channel uploaded the footage on December 30, 2012, under the translated title, “Bahrain: A police station was besieged and burned - Sitra.”

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A screenshot of the original video (YouTube)

The attack reportedly took place following the deterioration of Bahraini politician Professor Hassan Mushaima's health in prison, where his cancer had recurred due to medical neglect in the prison.

Protests Near the Israeli Embassy in Jordan

The claim started circulating following global protests against Israeli embassies in support of Gaza during the Israeli assault. Jordanian police reported that several anti-riot police officers sustained injuries during confrontations with demonstrators near the Israeli embassy, who were setting property on fire.

Prior to the clashes, authorities had dispatched riot police to disperse thousands of protesters intending to march towards the heavily fortified Israeli embassy in protest of Israel's military offensive in Gaza. A group of young individuals attempted to breach the heavily guarded compound, but security forces used tear gas to disperse them, resulting in the arrest of several protesters.

Anti-Israel protests have also been spreading across the nation, with some criticizing what they perceive as inaction by authorities, asserting that their fellow Palestinians in Gaza were being left to confront Israel's military might without support.

Ongoing Israeli Barbaric War on the Gaza Strip

Since October 7, a total of 4,385 Palestinians have lost their lives in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Arab leaders have strongly condemned Israel's bombardment of Gaza during an international summit held in Cairo, Egypt. During the Cairo peace summit, the U.N. Secretary-General, António Guterres, emphasized the urgent need for “action to end this godawful nightmare" and called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has urged all parties to keep the Rafah crossing into Gaza open to ensure the continued flow of humanitarian aid.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has issued a statement underscoring that the exclusion of fuel from humanitarian aid reaching the enclave will jeopardize the lives of the sick and injured.

In a display of solidarity with Palestine, up to 100,000 people participated in a march in London, demanding an immediate end to the ongoing war.

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Pro-Palestine demonstration in London (AP)

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