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This Footage Originates From a Lebanese Short Film and Does Not Portray Staged Civilian Injuries in Gaza

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12th November 2023
This Footage Originates From a Lebanese Short Film and Does Not Portray Staged Civilian Injuries in Gaza
A scene from the Lebanese short film: The Reality (Instagram)

The Claim

Palestinians are promoting a video to mislead international opinion about civilians' injuries in Gaza since October 7.

Emerging story

Israeli accounts, including that of Prime minister Benjamin's Netanyahu's spokesman Ofir Gendelman, as well as pages of influencers promoting the Israeli narrative, have recently published a video. They claim that this video shows the "lies" Palestinians are allegedly promoting to mislead international opinion about civilian injuries in Gaza since October 7.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating and found the claim to be misleading.

Misbar's team found that the video actually depicts a Palestinian girl playing the role of a victim in a short Lebanese film.

The Video Is From a Pro-Palestinian Short Movie

The video, which was shared by Gendelman and a number of Israeli accounts, was taken from a short Lebanese film published on October 28. This footage aimed to portray the challenges faced by the children of Gaza due to the Israeli aggression on the strip.

The film, titled “Waqii” (Reality) and produced by Lebanese content creators, shows solidarity with the Palestinians, particularly the challenges faced by children during Israeli aggressions.

Omar Atabb, one of the content creators who took part in producing the film, shared a photo on his Instagram account showing him accompanied by the girl who appears on the video shared by Gendelman.

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The short film is part of larger efforts to document the suffering of Gaza's children since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the strip on October 7.

Israel Targets Children and Women in Gaza

The ongoing Israeli war on Gaza has entered its 35th day. According to a report by the Palestinian Health ministry published on Wednesday, November 8, 70% of the victims and the injured are women, children and elderly people.

Inside the Gaza strip, around 10550 people have been killed by Israeli bombings, including over 4000 children, 2800 women and 650 elderly people. Additionally, over 26000 who have been injured.

In the West Bank, the Israeli occupation has escalated its aggressions against Palestinians, resulting in 163 deaths and around 2400 injuries.

Israeli Siege on Gaza Strip Accentuates Suffering of Palestinians

The Palestinian Health Ministry noted in its report that over 2550 people were reported missing, including 1350 children, who might be trapped under the rubble. The report added, “The Israeli occupation is targeting and destroying all civilian infrastructure in Gaza."

The ministry further underlined that “over 2.2 million people are left without water, food, medicine and basic human necessities. For example, until November 7, there were no active bakeries in the northern part of the strip due to the lack of fuel, water and wheat flour, in addition to the attacks that targeted solar panels. Not to mention the damages that affected many bakeries." Partners in food security also “could not offer help in the north during the last seven days," the report concluded.

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