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This Woman Did Not Say Hamas Prevented Her From Moving to Southern Gaza

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12th November 2023
This Woman Did Not Say Hamas Prevented Her From Moving to Southern Gaza
A woman narrates her journey in search of her son's body (YouTube)

The Claim

A woman in Gaza says Hamas stopped her from going to Southern Gaza. 

Emerging story

Recently, various social media accounts and pages have shared a video claiming to depict a Palestinian woman expressing a preference for Jews over Hamas. The woman states that she attempted to escape from Northern Gaza but Hamas stopped her. Furthermore, she contends that Palestinians in Northern Gaza are effectively prisoners of Hamas and asserts a lack of concern from Hamas regarding her situation.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating video and found the claim to be misleading. The translation attached to the video is deceptive. 

A Palestinian mother risks her life to reach her son's corpse
A Palestinian mother risks her life to reach her son's corpse

A Palestinian Woman Trying To Find Her Son’s Corpse

The woman says that she went to Netzarim every day to find her son's corpse, as her sons were afraid to go there due to the presence of Israeli soldiers. Taking the risk, she decided to enter the Netzarim area.

The soman recounts, "I entered and came across a corpse, realizing it was my son; I recognized him by his belt and his mobile phone." When someone asked her about what she saw there, she said she saw the Israeli soldiers, and that there were many corpses there, and no one could reach them.

Israel Accuses Hamas of Preventing Civilians From Leaving Northern Gaza Strip

On October 12, 2023, Israel informed the leaders of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Team in Gaza that all residents of the northern Wadi Gaza areas must relocate to the south, in preparation for a ground military incursion into the Gaza Strip.

Salah Al-Din Road was designated as a safe evacuation route; however, displaced individuals using it on October 14 were subjected to bombardment, resulting in the tragic loss of 70 lives and injuries to over 200 others.

Israel swiftly denied responsibility for the bombing. Instead, they accused Hamas of executing it to prevent residents from fleeing southwards and to continue using them as human shields.

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The targeting of the displaced people on Gaza's roads has become alarmingly frequent, as seen in a widely circulated video on November 3. The footage showed the aftermath on Al-Rashid Road, south of Gaza City, depicting the tragic remnants of civilians, including children, on a critical thoroughfare linking the northern and southern regions of the Gaza Strip.

At that time, Israel and its supporters accused Hamas of firing on the displaced people. However, the nature of the victims' injuries indicates they were not killed by gunfire. Furthermore, they were killed 300 meters away from the location of Israeli tanks, as reported in an investigation published by The New York Times.

Previously, Misbar contacted journalists and citizens who had evacuated to southern Gaza following the evacuation calls issued by the occupation army to the residents in the northern Gaza Strip. They affirmed that Hamas had not imposed any restrictions on their movement to southern Gaza.

Evidence of the Israeli Occupation’s Liability for Al-Rashid Street Massacre
Evidence of the Israeli Occupation’s Liability for Al-Rashid Street Massacre

Israel’s Unyielding War on Gaza Strip

Since the aftermath of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7, the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip continues to kill more people on a daily basis. According to the latest statistics from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the death toll from airstrikes has exceeded 11,000, with 27,000 reported injured. Meanwhile, in the West Bank, 183 Palestinians were killed and 2,500 others have been injured. Additionally, the occupation raids have destroyed 50% of residential units in the Gaza Strip.

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