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The Video Depicting the Arrest of a Man in Al-Aqsa Mosque Is Outdated

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
21st November 2023
The Video Depicting the Arrest of a Man in Al-Aqsa Mosque Is Outdated
The video of the al-Aqsa spy was published in May 2022 (X)

The Claim

A video shows a man arrested for espionage inside al-Aqsa mosque.

Emerging story

Recently, accounts and pages on social media have been circulating a video clip claiming to show the arrest of a spy inside Al-Aqsa Mosque on Sunday, by the resistance. The man arrested was allegedly transmitting information to Israeli occupation forces.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the claim and found it to be misleading. 

The circulated video is old and dates back to the arrest of an individual accused of spying for the occupation forces in 2022.

The Video of the Arrest Is Older than Claimed

The video was published in May 2022, claiming to show Palestinians inside Al-Aqsa Mosque who apprehended a spy. They accused the spy of relaying information about those stationed there and spying for Israeli intelligence.

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News sites reported that the detainee confessed to communicating with an officer in the Israeli intelligence, providing information and photos of those stationed inside Al-Aqsa Mosque in exchange for money. 

The young men who apprehended him displayed his phone and conversations in which he communicated with the Israeli officer who was passing on the information.

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Occupation Police Prevents Palestinians from Accessing Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli police have recently prevented Palestinians from accessing Al-Aqsa Mosque, while concurrently allowing hundreds of settlers to enter, coinciding with the ongoing aggression against Gaza.

Local sources reported that dozens of settlers stormed Al-Aqsa on Sunday, November 19, through Bab Al-Maghariba, conducting provocative tours in its courtyards and performing Talmudic rituals near Al-Rahma Gate prayer area.

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