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The NYPD Did Not Use a Water Cannon on Israel Supporters at JFK

Ahmed Sabry Ahmed Sabry
30th December 2023
The NYPD Did Not Use a Water Cannon on Israel Supporters at JFK
Israeli Police Use Water Cannons on Anti-Judicial Change Protesters (X)

The Claim

NYPD Uses a Water Cannon at JFK Airport after deeming protesters a 'Terror Threat' for taking over Airport Road.

Emerging story

Recently, a viral video circulating on social media shows individuals holding Israeli flags seeking cover behind a wall as a water cannon is deployed towards them at JFK Airport. The video alleges that this incident occurred after pro-Israel demonstrators gained control of the airport road. Those who shared the footage assert that the New York Police Department used water cannons against the protesters.

Israeli police fire water cannons at protesters opposing controversial judicial overhaul plans

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating video and found the claim to be misleading. The video, which is old and was published last July, depicts the Israeli police using water cannons against protesters in Jerusalem who were opposing proposed judicial reforms.

Israeli Police Use Water Cannons on Anti-Judicial Change Protesters

The Israeli police used water cannons against protesters who opposed controversial plans for a judicial overhaul on July 24, 2023. Following the recent passage of a component of the comprehensive judiciary changes by the government, demonstrations occurred outside the parliament buildings in Jerusalem and central Tel Aviv.

Video footage captured by Professor Dror Hawlena shows an individual holding an Israeli flag being forcefully knocked off a wall by the force of a water cannon.

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Judicial Overhaul Sparks Protests, Raises Democracy Concerns

The proposed extensive changes in the judicial system aim to curtail the judiciary's authority. One key proposal involves a bill enabling a simple parliamentary majority to reverse Supreme Court decisions. Another proposal gives parliament the final decision in appointing judges. Advocates of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including ultranationalist and ultra-Orthodox religious allies, argue that these alterations will reinstate authority to elected officials while diminishing the impact of unelected judges.

Judicial Overhaul Sparks Protests, Raises Democracy Concerns

Nevertheless, a diverse array of protesters representing various sectors of Israeli society express apprehension that these changes could steer the country towards autocracy. They perceive it as an attempt to consolidate power, primarily driven by personal and political motives, notably by Netanyahu and his allies, amid the Prime Minister's corruption charges. Recent approval of a bill stripping the Supreme Court's authority to nullify government decisions labeled "unreasonable" exacerbates these concerns.

Netanyahu dismisses accusations that the proposed plan undermines Israel's democratic principles, dismissing such claims as unfounded attempts to mislead the public.

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