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Iraq Did Not Suspend Oil Exporting to Jordan

Raghad Habash Raghad Habash
6th February 2024
Iraq Did Not Suspend Oil Exporting to Jordan
A proposal by the Iraqi MP to suspend the oil exports (Getty)

The Claim

Iraq has suspended the export of subsidised oil to Jordan for its participation in air strikes on Iraqi soil.

Emerging story

Many accounts on the X platform circulated news about Iraq suspending its exports of subsidized oil to Jordan, this comes after news about Jordan's participation in the airstrikes on Iraq as part of the U.S. retaliation for the attack on the American base in Jordan. The posts have rapidly spread, garnering significant interaction and reposts.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the claim and found it to be misleading. The Iraqi government did not suspend subsidiary oil exports to Jordan. Instead, there was a proposal by Iraqi MP Mustafa Jabbar Sanad to suspend the oil exports.

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The photo that circulated with the misleading news is part of the MP's proposal to be delivered to the president of the parliament. It bears the name of the MP and suggests that the suspension proposal might be voted on in the next parliamentary session, following the gathering of signatures from other supporting members. This proposal stems from accusations against Jordan for participating in the U.S.-led strikes on Iraq and Syria.

The U.S. And Britain Have Struck Yemen in Response to Houthi Attacks

In the aftermath of the Gaza war, Iranian-backed Houthi troops in Yemen began threatening and attacking shipping in the Red Sea. This later escalated, leading to the U.S. and Britain initiating strikes on Yemen. A critical escalation occurred after the attack on the U.S. base (Tower 22) in Jordan, resulting in the death of three soldiers and dozens of injuries. President Biden accused Iran-backed militias of the attack, and the retaliation led to the expansion of U.S. strikes on Iraq and Syria, where the parties involved in the base attack were positioned, according to the U.S. Meanwhile, Britain did not join the strikes on Syria and Iraq, focusing its efforts on Yemen.

The U.S. And Britain Have Struck Yemen in Response to Houthi Attacks
The U.S. And Britain Have Struck Yemen in Response to Houthi Attacks

Jordan Denied Joining the Retaliation Strikes on Iraq and Syria With the U.S.

Numerous allegations claimed that the Royal Jordanian Air Force joined the strikes on Syria and Iraq after the U.S. base attack. The Jordanian military officials denied the allegations circulating regarding Jordan's participation in strikes targeting Iran-backed militant groups. Petra, Jordan’s official news agency, quoted a military source: "There is no truth to the press reports that were circulated this morning (Saturday) about the participation of Jordanian aircraft in the operations carried out by American aircraft inside Iraq."

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