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This Video Does Not Show An Israeli Base Hit By Hezbollah

Ahmed Sabry Ahmed Sabry
14th February 2024
This Video Does Not Show An Israeli Base Hit By Hezbollah
The video shows a 2015 explosion at a chemical plant in China (X)

The Claim

A video shows An Israeli Base Hit By Hezbollah.


Emerging story

A video shared on X alleges to capture the moment when Hezbollah hit an Israeli base by guided missiles.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating video and found the claim to be misleading. 

Misbar's team found that the video dates back to 2015 and shows an explosion at a chemical plant in China.

A supporting image within the article body

A longer version of the same video was posted on YouTube by a user known as Ahmed Treiban in November 2015, titled "Chinese chemical plant explosion."

Israel Launches Extensive Retaliatory Strikes on Lebanon Following Fatal Rocket Attack

The circulation of the claim comes with the news that Israel has initiated a series of widespread attacks on Lebanon in response to a rocket attack that resulted in the death of a woman and injuries to several others in northern Israel.

According to reports from Lebanese media, various villages have been targeted, leading to buildings catching fire. 

Death Toll Rises in Gaza as Palestinians Forced to Flee Hospital 

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, the number of fatalities in the region has reached 28,576 since October 7. The U.S. President Joe Biden acknowledged the Ministry's figures on Monday, stating that "over 27,000 Palestinians" had been killed, with a significant number being innocent civilians and children.

Furthermore, Palestinians are facing the distressing situation of being compelled to evacuate Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, located in southern Gaza, due to an ongoing military operation. This information has been confirmed by a journalist at the hospital, Gaza's Ministry of Health, and the Israeli Forces. A video captured on Tuesday at the hospital displays columns of smoke surrounding its perimeter, an Israeli bulldozer demolishing a hospital wall, and an armored vehicle entering the hospital premises. The sound of gunfire can be heard throughout the footage.

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Israeli Propaganda Claims Hamas Obstructs Aid to Gaza’s Displaced

This Video Predates The Israeli Airstrikes On Rafah

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