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This Video Does Not Depict Palestinians Fabricating Injuries in Gaza

Raghad Habash Raghad Habash
15th February 2024
This Video Does Not Depict Palestinians Fabricating Injuries in Gaza
The scene is from a photoshoot in Iraq (TikTok)

The Claim

The video shows faking the scene of an injured child in Gaza.

Emerging story

Many accounts are circulating a video claiming to depict a child faking his injury, asserting that the footage was shot in Gaza. This has raised questions about the credibility of the widely disseminated scenes of injuries from the ongoing war on Gaza. In the video, the child's clothes are torn, and red pigment is added to the injury badge in his hand.

The scene is from a photoshoot in Iraq

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the claim and found it to be misleading. 

The video depicts a photo session by an Iraqi photographer, originally published on his TikTok account in December 2022. Moreover, the Arabic accent heard in the video is Iraqi, and the caption on the original video reads, “A shy child.” The final result of the photoshoot shows an injured child with a soldier at the end of the video.

The scene is from a photoshoot in Iraq
The scene is from a photoshoot in Iraq

Israeli Propaganda Spreads Misinformation on Gaza’s Casualties

The misleading spread of the video is part of the propaganda that adopts the exaggerated narrative of deaths and injuries from the Palestinian side. This propaganda contends that the increasing footage from Gaza is fake. For example, another widely spread story claimed the body of a young Palestinian moving inside a coffin, insinuating that Palestinians are fabricating their deaths. However, Misbar debunked that claim and revealed that the video dates back to August 2023 in Malaysia, and it does not depict a Palestinian moving inside a shroud.

The Video Reveals Funeral Procession Training in Malaysia, Not a Palestinian Body Moving Inside a Shroud

Gaza Might Be the Most Dangerous Place on Earth for Children

According to UNICEF spokesperson James Elder in a briefing note published on November 19, 2023, Gaza is described as “the world’s most dangerous place to be a child.” This statement predates three months of continuous war in the strip. At least 10,000 children were killed among the total number of deaths until January 28, 2024, as cited in the OCHA report. The total number of child deaths constitutes more than a third of the deaths in the war, a rate that surpasses the annual number of children killed in any global conflict zone since 2019, according to a Save the Children report. These casualties add to the destructive consequences of the war on the children's physical and mental health and lifestyles. An estimated 17,000 children are left unaccompanied after losing their parents to death or being separated from them, with more than 1 million children needing mental health support, according to a UNICEF report in February.

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