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This Image Does Not Show a French Sniper Deployed To Gaza

Ahmed Sabry Ahmed Sabry
2nd March 2024
This Image Does Not Show a French Sniper Deployed To Gaza
The photo does not show a French sniper in Gaza (X)

The Claim

An image shows a French Sniper Deployed To Gaza.

Emerging story

Pages and accounts on social media circulated an image claiming to show a French sniper who was killed while fighting alongside the Israeli army in Khan Yunis city in the southern Gaza Strip in recent days.

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Misbarโ€™s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating image and found the claim to be misleading. 

The Photo Does Not Show A French Sniper in Gaza

Misbar's team found that the image published in July 2005 shows an American sniper in Iraq, and there was no evidence found in any news sources regarding the alleged death of a French sniper during the current clashes in Khan Yunis.

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The picture was posted on James McCauley's Flickr profile, accompanied by a caption stating that โ€œDoc Arnold is checking some people out across the river with a powerful sniper rifle.โ€

Emmanuel Macron Denounces Gaza Strip Violence

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed strong condemnation on Friday for the killing of numerous Palestinians during an aid delivery in the northern Gaza Strip. In the wake of conflicting reports surrounding the incident, France has urged an independent investigation. The health ministry decried the event as a "massacre" in Gaza City, reporting 112 fatalities and over 750 injuries. The Israeli military attributed the tragedy to a "stampede" as thousands of desperate Gazans surrounded a convoy of 38 aid trucks, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries, including individuals who were reportedly run over by the vehicles.

The foreign affairs ministry of France issued a statement on Thursday expressing France's anticipation for a thorough investigation into the mentioned incidents, which it deemed very grave. The statement stressed that Israel holds the responsibility to abide by international law regulations and ensure the safe distribution of humanitarian aid to civilian populations.

Additionally, the ministry reiterated France's appeal for an "immediate and enduring ceasefire" to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the enclave.

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Deadly Chaos Unfolds as Aid Convoy Attacked in Gaza

Palestinian officials and eyewitnesses reported that more than 100 individuals lost their lives in northern Gaza due to actions by Israeli forces on Thursday. The incident sparked panic among hungry Palestinian civilians who had gathered around food aid trucks. The tragedy unfolded early Thursday when a convoy of trucks carrying urgently needed aid arrived at Haroun Al Rasheed Street in western Gaza City, specifically in the Sheikh Ajleen neighborhood.

Eyewitnesses stated that as people crowded around the newly arrived aid trucks, Israeli forces began shooting. According to one account, many of the victims were killed when they were struck by trucks. Additionally, as the aid trucks attempted to flee the area, some were inadvertently involved in collisions, resulting in further casualties.

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