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Dani Alves Did Not Commit Suicide Inside Prison in Spain

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10th March 2024
Dani Alves Did Not Commit Suicide Inside Prison in Spain
Alves' brother and his office deny the suicide rumor in prison (Getty)

The Claim

Daniel Alves killed himself.

Emerging story

Recently, accounts and pages on social media have been circulating news about the alleged suicide of the former Brazilian football player and Barcelona star, Dani Alves, inside prison.

Dani Alves killed himself

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating claim and found it to be fake. Both Brazilian and Spanish media sources have refuted the claim of the suicide of Brazilian player Dani Alves in prison in Spain.

Did Dani Alves Commit Suicide?

Dani Alves' brother, Ney Alves, posted a video on his Instagram account, refuting the news of his brother's suicide in prison. He added, "There are individuals wishing for Dani Alves' demise after his conviction due to a woman entering the men's restroom, leading to his imprisonment. Isn't that sufficient? And now, the most absurd part is that they desire to see him dead.

Alves’ Brother and His Office Deny the Suicide Rumor in Prison

The news garnered attention after Brazilian journalist Paulo Albuquerque, associated with the newspaper "O Globo," shared it on his X account. In his post, he reported, "Based on the information I received, Dani Alves killed himself inside the prison." However, he later clarified that he was not referring to the former player Dani Alves, but rather to his cousin, who was initially missing and rumored to have committed suicide before it was confirmed that he is alive.

Dani Alves killed himself inside the prison.

Brazilian Player Dani Alves Sentenced to Four and a Half Years in Prison

Dani Alves is currently serving a prison sentence in Barcelona after being convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in a nightclub in the city. He received a sentence of four and a half years, as ruled by the court.
During its session on February 22 of this year, the Regional Court of Barcelona stated that there was evidence indicating the relationship was not consensual.
Dani Alves, aged 40, was arrested in January 2023 following nightclub events in Barcelona in late December 2022. He has been held in custody pending trial since then, maintaining during the trial that the relationship was consensual.
The court also ordered Alves to pay $162,700 to the woman as compensation. Alves's legal team stated that they would appeal the verdict.

Brazilian Player Dani Alves Sentenced to Four and a Half Years in Prison

Dani Alves is widely recognized as one of the most decorated football players, boasting an impressive record of 43 titles. He played for Barcelona from 2008 to 2016.

Dani Alves: Football Triumphs and Contract Termination Amid Legal Strife

Dani Alves, one of football's most decorated players with 43 titles, previously played for Barcelona from 2008 to 2016.

In January 2023, Pumas UNAM (a Mexican First Division football club) announced the termination of Brazilian player Dani Alves' contract. He was under provisional detention in Spain on charges of sexual assault. Leopoldo Silva, the club's president, stated that they decided to terminate the player's contract for justified reasons, emphasizing the club's commitment to not tolerate actions conflicting with its values.

The player, who joined the Mexican club in August 2022, had played 13 matches for Pumas before his imprisonment.

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