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Old Photo Misleadingly Shared as Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport Hit by the Islamic Resistance of Iraq

Wesam Abo Marq Wesam Abo Marq
15th March 2024
Old Photo Misleadingly Shared as Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport Hit by the Islamic Resistance of Iraq
The photo predates the attack by The Islamic Resistance (X)

The Claim

A photo shows Ben gurion after an attack by  the Islamic Resistance of Iraq.


Emerging story

Following the alleged drone strike by the Islamic Resistance of Iraq on Ben Gurion Airport in Israel on March 11, social media users circulated a photo purporting to feature individuals lying on the ground during the attack. 

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Other users alleged that the individuals in the photo were part of a British delegation. An X user shared the photo with the caption, "A British delegation lies on its stomach after sirens sound at #Ben_Gurion Airport, Israel."

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the widely circulated photo and found the claim to be misleading.

After conducting a thorough reverse image search, Misbar’s investigative team found the photo making the rounds to be older than claimed.

Old Photo of German Delegation Forced to Lie on Ben Gurion Airport Ground

Contrary to the circulating claim, the photo shows German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his delegation compellingly lying on the ground at Ben Gurion Airport while boarding a flight to leave Israel on October 17.

Air raid sirens sounded at Ben Gurion Airport, near Tel Aviv, as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was in the process of boarding a departing flight from Israel. The entire delegation was required to leave the plane and assume a lying position on the tarmac, following standard protocol.

An X account published the photo on October 17 under the caption, “Tel Aviv - German Chancellor Scholz and his team lay down on the ground when the sirens rang.”

A supporting image within the article body
A screenshot of the original photo (X)

On October 17, Sara Sievert, a chief reporter, uploaded footage to her X account showing scenes from the same incident at the time.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq Strikes Ben Gurion Airport with UAVs

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI) is a term used to collectively refer to all Iran-backed militias operating in Iraq. These militias have conducted operations, including attacks into Syria, during the October 2023 war between Israel and Gaza. In that same conflict, Iraqi resistance targeted U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Syria.

On March 11, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq declared that it had launched unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to target Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

In a statement by the Iraqi Resistance, the group expressed their dedication to striking key Israeli positions as part of the second phase of operations backing the people of Gaza and retaliating against Israeli violence targeting civilians.

The group additionally released a video capturing the moment of the airport targeting, expressing solidarity with Gaza amidst the ongoing war.

Israeli Assault on Gaza Civilians Intensifies

Israeli attacks in Gaza have led to a staggering loss of Palestinian lives, with at least 31,341 fatalities and 73,134 injuries recorded since October 7. Tragically, Israeli forces recently opened fire on Palestinians awaiting food aid in Gaza City, resulting in the deaths of six people and injuring at least 83 others. 

This incident followed an Israeli airstrike on a U.N. food distribution center in southern Rafah, claiming the lives of five individuals, including a UNRWA staff member. Concerns escalate as Israel's military unveils plans to relocate around 1.4 million trapped Palestinian civilians from Rafah to designated "humanitarian islands" within Gaza before launching a ground invasion.

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