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This Video Does Not Show a Dog Carrying a Fetus in Gaza

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27th March 2024
This Video Does Not Show a Dog Carrying a Fetus in Gaza
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The Claim

A dog in Gaza eats the body of a mother and her fetus.

Emerging story

Recently, accounts on the social media platforms have been circulating a video clip comprising a series of images. Its publishers claim that it depicts a dog eating a mother and her fetus in Gaza.

A dog in Gaza eats the body of a mother and her fetus.

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating claim and found it to be misleading, as the images in the video clip do not document a dog eating a fetus in Gaza.

2015 Photo: Dog Carrying Baby in Brazil

The first image dates back to October 31, with news reports claiming it depicts a dog rescuing a baby from a garbage dump in Brazil.

It was reported that the dog saved the life of a newborn that had been discarded by its mother into a trash bin in the city of Campinas, São Paulo state, Brazil. According to neighbors, the dog found the baby among the rubbish and brought him to a nearby house, where residents provided assistance and care that kept him alive.

2015 Photo: Dog Carrying Baby in Brazil

However, Misbar uncovered a news report published in 2015 by the Argentine newspaper Clarín, which casts doubt on the story's validity, suggesting that a user fabricated it and shared it on social media. The report indicated that the claim was baseless.

2015 Photo: Dog Carrying Baby in Brazil

Stray Dogs Attack Israeli Occupation Soldiers in Gaza

As for the two pictures of stray dogs amidst the destruction, one depicts Israeli soldiers sitting on a tank while the dogs roam in Gaza, captured by the Associated Press on February 8, 2024.

Stray Dogs Attack Israeli Occupation Soldiers in Gaza

The second image shows a dog standing amidst the rubble in the Gaza Strip, published by Reuters on the same date.

Stray Dogs Attack Israeli Occupation Soldiers in Gaza

Hebrew media have revealed that Israeli army soldiers have encountered an "unexpected enemy" during their ground operations in Gaza, represented by the stray dogs. Media outlets have transmitted complaints from soldiers and officials in the Israeli army about being attacked by these dogs in the Gaza Strip. According to the official broadcasting corporation "Kan," hundreds of dogs approach soldiers in northern Gaza areas before attempting to attack them, noting that no injuries have been reported from these incidents so far.

Reports: Dogs Gnawing on Gaza Victims’ Bodies

Over the course of the 172-day war on Gaza, news reports have conveyed testimonies of cats and dogs feeding on the bodies of Palestinians killed by the occupying army, while ambulances and medical crews were prevented from reaching them in the northern and southern parts of the Gaza Strip.

The civil defense in Gaza reported retrieving dozens of decomposed bodies from the streets of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, which were subjected to field execution and gnawed by dogs, following the withdrawal of occupying forces on December 23.

According to eyewitnesses quoted by the Anadolu Agency on February 1, cats and dogs were reported to have gnawed on the decomposed bodies of Palestinians targeted by the occupying army in the western areas of Khan Yunis city, located south of the Gaza Strip, following the prevention of ambulances from transporting them to hospitals.

Additionally, on March 1, an eyewitness informed "Al Ghad" that bodies were discovered scattered in the streets, being eaten by dogs, while he was displaced from Gaza City to the southern Gaza Valley.

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