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A Misleading Video Shows Forest Fires, Not Iranian Attack on Israel

Misbar's Editorial Team Misbar's Editorial Team
15th April 2024
A Misleading Video Shows Forest Fires, Not Iranian Attack on Israel
The video was shared as footage of fires in Chile (X)

The Claim

The most affected areas in Israel. More areas in Israel are impacted by ongoing attacks, intensifying the crisis as fires rage across the country. The situation remains dire as Israel faces widespread destruction.

Emerging story

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media platform X, with publishers claiming it to be recent footage of an Iranian attack on Israel.

Iranian attack on Israel

Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating claim and found it to be misleading. The video in question is old and unrelated to the recent Iranian attack on Israel.

Fires Devour Texas and Chile Forests

The footage was actually published in early March, capturing forest fires that had broken out in the American state of Texas during that period. Further investigation by Misbar revealed that the footage had been circulating since February, shared by Chilean accounts claiming it was from the El Paraíso region in Chile. The video was shared at a time when fires were occurring in both Chile and the United States, ultimately confirming that it is unrelated to the current events regarding Iran's attack on Israel.

Fires Devour Texas and Chile Forests

During that time, the Chilean Deputy Minister of the Interior stated in a press conference that the number of fire victims had risen to 112, with thousands of buildings destroyed. The mayor of Viña del Mar described the event as a "disaster," emphasizing that the region of El Paraíso had never faced a situation of such magnitude before.

Iranian Attack on Israel

The video began circulating after sirens sounded across Israel last evening, Saturday, and early today, Sunday. These alerts followed Iran's launch of hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles towards Israel, allegedly in retaliation for the targeting of its consulate building in Syria.

This marks the first direct military attack by Iran on Israel, despite decades of hostility dating back to the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Iranian Attack on Israel

Israeli Army Statements Regarding the Iranian Attack

Israeli Military Spokesperson Daniel Hagari reported that Iran launched dozens of drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles, many of which were intercepted outside Israel's borders. He further mentioned that Israeli fighter jets intercepted over ten cruise missiles outside Israeli airspace and confirmed that a group of missiles landed within Israel.

The Israeli army indicated that the Arrow system was primarily responsible for conducting most of the interception operations during the recent attacks. They further mentioned the involvement of "strategic partners" in these interception operations.

In this context, U.S. officials have reported that U.S. forces successfully shot down drones launched by Iran toward Israel.

Earlier, Iran vowed to retaliate against Israel, holding it responsible for an airstrike targeting its consulate in Damascus on April 1. This attack led to the deaths of seven leaders and officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Israeli Army Statements Regarding the Iranian Attack

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Old Video Unrelated to Iran’s Preparations To Attack Israel

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