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This Video Does Not Show An Iranian Drone Stuck In Electrical Power Lines In Iraq

Eman Hillis Eman Hillis
15th April 2024
This Video Does Not Show An Iranian Drone Stuck In Electrical Power Lines In Iraq
The clip is unrelated to the Iranian retaliation against Israel (X)

The Claim

A drone sent by Iran got stuck in electrical wires.

Emerging story

Social media users recently widely shared a video claiming that it shows a drone launched by Iran towards Israel, which got stuck in electrical power lines in Iraq.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the viral clip and found it to be misleading. Through reverse image search, Misbar's team found that the clip is outdated and unrelated to the Iranian retaliation against Israel.

Anonymous Drone Stuck In Syrian Power Lines

The video shows a drone that was stuck in the power lines of Qamar el-Din valley, located in the north west of Deir al-Zour, Syria, in February. Alsharqiya News, a local Syrian network, reported that the drone’s origins are unknown.

The claim circulated after reports of spotting dozens of Iranian drones flying over Iraqi airspace in the direction of Israel. Nevertheless, Iraq's transport ministry told the country's state-owned news agency that Iraq announced shutting down its airspace and suspended all air traffic on Saturday.

It bears mentioning that most of the Iranian drones flying over Syrian airspace towards Israel were already downed by Israeli and U.S. jets before reaching their targets in Israel according to two Western intelligence sources as reported by Reuters. The drones were spotted flying over southern Syria in the Deraa province, the Syrian Golan Heights and several locations in eastern Syria along the border with Iraq.

Iran Launched Hundreds Of Drones In An Unprecedented Attack On Israel

More than 300 drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles were launched against Israel according to the Israeli military. However, 99 percent were intercepted with help from forces from France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Air raid sirens were set off in cities across Israel, including Tel Aviv. The military said, “A small number of hits were identified, including at [an Israeli military] base in southern Israel, where minor damage was caused to infrastructure.” However, one girl was wounded by shrapnel from an intercepted drone in southern Israel, the medics reported.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) confirmed the attack, saying the attack came under Operation True Promise as a punishment for “the Zionist entity’s crime of targeting the Iranian consulate in Syria” on April 1.

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