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Israeli Soldiers Did Not Fully Withdraw From The Gaza Strip

Eman Hillis Eman Hillis
8th May 2024
Israeli Soldiers Did Not Fully Withdraw From The Gaza Strip
Israeli soldiers are still in the Gaza strip (X)

The Claim

Israeli Soldiers Fully Withdrew From The Gaza Strip.

Emerging story

Users on X platform claimed that there are no Israeli soldiers in Gaza at the moment, as they were defeated in every Axis and withdrew.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the viral claim and found it to be fake. Some Israeli soldiers are still in the Gaza strip and did not fully withdraw from the Strip.

Israeli Forces Are Centring In The Netzarim Corridor In The Strip

Although Israeli forces withdrew from Gaza, one brigade is still in Netzarim, the corridor splitting the strip, preventing the move between the north and the south of the strip.

In April 7, The Time Of Israel paper reported the withdrawal of the Israeli soldiers from the strip, leaving “just one brigade to secure a corridor splitting the Palestinian enclave.”

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A day after the claim went viral, on May 6, Alazeera Arabic posted a video titled, “Qassam brigades in cooperation with al-Quds brigades target the Israel forces in Nitzarim corridor in Gaza.”

Finally, Hamas is still negotiating on the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Nitzarim to this moment, which proves that Israeli soldiers are still in the Strip. In the last proposal that Hamas agreed on, it was stated that the Israeli forces shall fully withdraw from Nitzarim. 

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It bears mentioning that while the claim was first posted on May 5 and went viral afterwards, Israeli forces were only gathering around the Netzarim Corridor. No other Israeli forces existed in the Gaza Strip at the time of the claim. However, in the last hours, Israel stormed Rafah crossing with military tanks.

Israel Stormed Rafah Crossing

After months of threatening with the invasion of Rafah, Israeli tanks stormed the eastern outskirts of Rafah on Tuesday morning after a night of severe bombing to the roundings of the Rafah crossing.

The Israeli army announced that the IOF has completely controlled the Rafah crossing. According to the spokesperson of the IOF, the attack on Rafah that began on Monday was led by the 162nd Division, the 401st Brigade’s armoured forces, and the Givati Brigade, claiming that the Israeli army attacked 100 targets belonging to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Rafah.

After the announcement of controlling Rafah crossing, Palestinian Journalists in Gaza shared clips of IOF tanks bombing and destroying Rafah crossing.

As of Tuesday dawn, Palestinian medical sources confirmed the death of 20 Palestinians as a result of Israeli raids that targeted homes in Rafah.

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