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The Video Of Ben Gvir Pulling A Gun Is Not Recent

Ahmed Sabry Ahmed Sabry
18th May 2024
The Video Of Ben Gvir Pulling A Gun Is Not Recent
The video predates the Gaza war (X)

The Claim

Ben Gvir is forced to draw a gun on his own settlers after they threatened to kill him.


Emerging story

Recently, social media users have been circulating a video clip claiming to depict the moment when Ben Gvir had to pull a gun on his own settlers after they threatened his life.

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Misbar’s Analysis

Misbar investigated the circulating video and found the claim to be misleading. 

Extremist MK Ben Gvir Draws Gun During October 2023 Sheikh Jarrah Clash

Misbar's team found that the video, which dates back to October 2022, shows Ben-Gvir and his guards hurriedly retreating from Palestinian protesters in Sheikh Jarrah while attempting to draw a gun.

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According to The Times of Israel news website, extremist MK Ben Gvir drew his gun during a clash in Sheikh Jarrah. The politician brandished the weapon after a rock was thrown at him and his supporters during an appearance in the tense East Jerusalem neighborhood.

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Israeli Bombardment in Northern Gaza Results in 30 Fatalities

According to Kamal Adwan Hospital, Israeli bombardment in northern Gaza on Friday resulted in 30 fatalities. Hospital officials reported that 14 people were killed and 30 injured when a missile struck a residential block near the hospital. In Jabalya, an Israeli attack near a shelter for the displaced killed at least 11 people and injured 25. The Gaza health ministry stated that since October 7, over 35,000 people have been killed and nearly 80,000 injured in the enclave, with others still trapped under rubble.

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Dire Food Situation in Gaza Amid Limited Aid Deliveries, Says U.N.

Gaza is experiencing a "dire" food situation, with just over 300 aid trucks entering the strip since Israel began its offensive in Rafah, according to a United Nations humanitarian agency report on Friday. The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) stated that ongoing hostilities have rendered over 3,000 metric tons of food in main warehouses inaccessible. Since May 6, limited supplies have entered Gaza, insufficient to meet the soaring needs.

The Israeli seizure of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt on May 7 halted aid deliveries through Rafah. The situation in Khan Younis and Deir al Balah continues to worsen as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians flee Israeli operations in Rafah. Between May 6 and May 16, nearly 640,000 people were displaced from Rafah, leaving no remaining stocks of shelter materials inside Gaza, according to the U.N.

The U.N. agency emphasized the need for more aid to be allowed through checkpoints into Gaza by land. OCHA spokesperson Jens Laerke stressed that aid must reach those in need and should not rely solely on the floating dock, built by the U.S. military, which has started funneling aid to the enclave.

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The Video Shows a Houthi Military Exercise, Not an Attack on American-British Ground Forces

This Video Does Not Show Recent Protests Against the Houthis in a Sana’a Market

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